Natco Thecha Chilli Paste [HOT]Natco Thecha Chilli Paste [HOT]
Price: £1.59
Papaya & Lime Chutney [Restaurant Style] by SimtomPapaya & Lime Chutney [Restaurant Style] by Simtom
Great Taste Gold Award Winner 2009.
Price: £2.69
Pataks Curry Ketchup [Spiced Tomato Sauce]Pataks Curry Ketchup [Spiced Tomato Sauce]
Price: £2.49
Priya Garlic PicklePriya Garlic Pickle
Price: £2.34
Priya Lime Pickle in Lime Juice [without garlic]Priya Lime Pickle in Lime Juice [without garlic]
Price: £2.34
Priya Mango Thokku Grated Pickle [without garlic]Priya Mango Thokku Grated Pickle [without garlic]
Price: £2.34
Priya Onion Pickle [without garlic]Priya Onion Pickle [without garlic]
Price: £2.34
Shito [African Hot Chilli Sauce with Shrimp & Fish]Shito [African Hot Chilli Sauce with Shrimp & Fish]
Price: £3.49
Trs Mango Chutney [Sweet]Trs Mango Chutney [Sweet]
Click above for available sizes
Price: £1.59
Weikfield Delhi Chaat ChutneyWeikfield Delhi Chaat Chutney
Price: £2.99

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