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Yuzu Citrus Seasoning SauceYuzu Citrus Seasoning Sauce
Price: £3.49
Roasted Black Sesame SeedsRoasted Black Sesame Seeds
Price: £1.99
YTK Bamboo Chopsticks [8 Pairs]YTK Bamboo Chopsticks [8 Pairs]
Price: £0.85
Nigiri Sushi Maker [Rice Press Mould]Nigiri Sushi Maker [Rice Press Mould]
Price: £2.89
Bonito Flakes [Dried & Smoked Katsuobushi]Bonito Flakes [Dried & Smoked Katsuobushi]
Price: £4.25
Dashi [Dashi no moto Katsuo/Bonito Flavoured Seasoning] by ShimayaDashi [Dashi no moto Katsuo/Bonito Flavoured Seasoning] by Shimaya
Price: £1.85
Dried Seaweed [Ito Wakame] by WangDried Seaweed [Ito Wakame] by Wang
Price: £1.99
Dried Seaweed by ZFDried Seaweed by ZF
Price: £2.99
Freeze Dry Yuzu Powder by S&BFreeze Dry Yuzu Powder by S&B
Price: £3.99
Genmaicha [Japanese Style Organic 'Popcorn' Tea] by YTKGenmaicha [Japanese Style Organic 'Popcorn' Tea] by YTK
Price: £2.49
Goldfish Japanese Style Curry Sauce [Katsu] [Concentrate]Goldfish Japanese Style Curry Sauce [Katsu] [Concentrate]
Price: £2.79
Japanese La-Yu Chilli Oil by S&BJapanese La-Yu Chilli Oil by S&B
Price: £1.89
Japanese Soup Base With Udon Noodles [3 Servings]Japanese Soup Base With Udon Noodles [3 Servings]
Price: £2.99
Kikkoman All Purpose Tamari Soy Sauce [Gluten Free]Kikkoman All Purpose Tamari Soy Sauce [Gluten Free]
Price: £3.59
Kikkoman Soy SauceKikkoman Soy Sauce
Click above for available sizes
Price: £5.99
Kikkoman Teriyaki [Marinade & Sauce]Kikkoman Teriyaki [Marinade & Sauce]
Price: £3.49
MISO | Miso Paste 140gMISO | Miso Paste 140g
Price: £0.79
Pickled Daikon [Preserved Radish] [Sushi Takuan]Pickled Daikon [Preserved Radish] [Sushi Takuan]
Price: £1.39
Plain Ramen Noodles by JinmailangPlain Ramen Noodles by Jinmailang
Price: £0.89
Furikake Wasabi Flavour Seasoning [Sprinkles]Furikake Wasabi Flavour Seasoning [Sprinkles]
Price: £2.99

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