100% Agar Agar Powder (China Grass) (Falooda)

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100% Agar Agar Powder (China Grass) (Falooda)

Agar Agar Powder 

100g by Topop.

Agar agar can be used in any dairy-free, vegan recipe that calls for gelatine as a thickening agent, including sauces, jelly-based desserts, custards and puddings.

Agar agar is a gelatinous substance derived from red algae that has been popular across Asia for centuries as an ingredient used in desserts and other cooking. It can also be used as a laxative, a vegetarian gelatine substitute, or to thicken soups, sauces or preserves.

As agar agar is derived from plants, not animals, vegetarians and vegans like it as a substitute for any dish that contains gelatine. It has no taste, odour or colour and sets more firmly than gelatine and can even set at room temperature. Agar agar gives a sensation of fullness, leading it to be used in some diet products. In Asia it is also sometimes used as a digestive remedy for upset stomachs.

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