100% Coconut Oil 500ml

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100% Coconut Oil 500ml

100% Coconut Oil

500ml by Cocofresh.

In many parts of the world the Coconut is a staple food and used widely in food preparation and for medicinal, health and beauty purposes and coconut oil is renowned for its many health benefits.

One of the most versatile substances on Earth, Coconut Oil can be used for both cooking and health & beauty purposes.

Not only great for cooking, apply directly to hair, skin and nails for great moisturising or use in place of mouthwash to help maintain healthy teeth and gums.

Simply put 1-2 tsp into your mouth and swish around thoroughly for 10 mins before discarding the oil into a rubbish bin to avoid clogging the sink.

Coconut oil will naturally solidify at certain low temperatures, simply stand the bottle in hot water to return the coconut oil to liquid before pouring out the required amount or you can just spoon out as required.

Ingredients: 100% coconut oil.

(Brand may vary).

5 stars based on 3 reviews
from Wakefield

When I saw the price of this oil, I at first thought that it could not be any good. How Wrong I was! I have been using Coconut oil for cooking and skin care for a number of years now and this one ranks as being up there with all of those more expensive oils. Hurry and get some more before the powers that be realize that they could charge double for it and it would still be worth it!!! Ssshhhhhhh!

Ana K.
from Spain

Love it! Awesome in food and also as a skin moisturizer. I recommend it!

from Glasgow

Great Value Coconut Oil from the Asian Cookshop. Good Product, Quick Delivery - Thanks

GTIN: 5029788183243
Brand: aani
Condition: New