5'' Chinese Wire Skimmer (Chinese Spider/Strainer)

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5'' Chinese Wire Skimmer (Chinese Spider/Strainer)

Chinese Wire Skimmer/Strainer/Spider

5'' diameter, also known as a Chinese spider

A Chinese Wire Skimmer/Strainer is a unique, handsome, and practical piece of cookware.

The Chinese skimmer lifts out Oriental foods and pasta, wontons, ravioli, and tortellini from boiling water or fried foods from hot oil.

The most handy, versatile, useful and durable utensil in any kitchen 

from Somerset


I got one of these from The Asian Cookshop backalong and am coming back for more as presents. This item is well made, easy to clean and durable - and costs much less than similar utensils from other outlets (if you can find one with the authentic bamboo handle, that is!). It baffles me why anyone bothers with conventional strainer spoons (the stainless steel type with holes) because this kind is far better to use (water or oil drains away immediately) and looks nicer to have around.

GTIN: 5060035802081
Brand: hancock
Condition: New