Adabi Malaysian Curry Powder [Kari Ayam Dan Daging]

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Adabi Malaysian Curry Powder [Kari Ayam Dan Daging]

250g Made in Malaysia

Recipe for Malaysian Style Meat Curry [serves a large quantity/so reduce quantities for smaller portion cooking as required]

Ingredients Required: 250g adabi chicken and meat curry powder, 3 coconuts/600g coconut milk, 15 piece shallot, 15 cloves garlic, 2.5/3 kg meat,15g ginger, 3/4 inch cinnamon, 4 cloves of star anise,10-15 cloves, 3 litres water, cooking oil, 10g tamarind paste, salt to taste.

Cooking Method: 1] pound 6 piece shallots and 5 cloves garlic together with ginger. 2] mix tamarind juice into it, add in curry powder and mix with meat, 3] saute with remaining shallots finely sliced. Incorporate 3 cups of water and cook until meat tender [30mins] and add in coconut milk. 4] add cinnamon, star anise, clovesand curry leaves to simmer for 5 mins. 5] salt to taste and serve.

Ingredients: chilli, coriander, aniseed, black pepper, curry leaves, tumeric,

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