Alsa Gulaman Agar Powder (Green, Unflavoured Jelly Mix)

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Alsa Gulaman Agar Powder

90g by Lady's Choice. Green, Unflavoured Jelly Mix.

Directions: (Makes four 1/2 cup servings): 

  1. Dissolve contents of pouch in 410 ml water. (The amount of water may be reduced for firmer jelly).
  2. Bring to a boil while stirring constantly.
  3. Pour into mould and let cool to set. Lady's Choice Alsa Gulaman sets without refrigeration in 45 minutes and even faster when chilled.
  • To Add Fruits: Add fruits when the prepared gulaman has thickened slightly, so to distribute solids better and prevent sinking to the bottom of the mould.
  • To Unmould: Loosen edges with a knife and invert mould carefully over serving dish. Shake gently, loosen further and remove mould. 

Store in a cool dry place.

Ingredients: Sugar, Gelling Agent: Carrageenan, Sequestrant (E332), Flavour Enhancer: E508, Acidity Regulator: E297, Colours: E102, E133. 

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Alsa Gulaman Agar Powder (Green, Unflavoured Jelly Mix) | Buy Online at the Asian Cookshop

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