Aster Singapore Chilli Crab Sauce

Product Description

Singapore Chilli Crab Sauce

250g by Aster.

Aster brand Singapore chilli cooking sauce for crabs.

Cooking Instructions:
  • stirfry chilli crab sauce until fragrant and add crab meat chunks [1kg].
  • stirfry for 1 min and add light soy sauce [1tbsp], sugar [1tbsp], boiling water [600ml] and tomato sauce [5tbsp].
  • simmer crab for 5 mins.
  • add corn flour mixture [2 tbsp added to 6 tbsp cold water], to thicken sauce
  • add 2 beaten eggs into sauce and stirfry 5 secs, serve.
Ingredients: water, chillli, sugar, soya oil, tomato paste, salt, modified corn starch, turmeric, garlic, shallot, acetic acid, candle nuts, plum extract, preservative e211.

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