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Stainless Steel Balti Dish (12cm)Stainless Steel Balti Dish (12cm)
Price: £2.99
15cm Stainless Steel Balti Dish15cm Stainless Steel Balti Dish
Price: £3.99
17cm Stainless Steel Balti Dish17cm Stainless Steel Balti Dish
Price: £4.49
20cm Stainless Steel Balti Dish20cm Stainless Steel Balti Dish
Price: £6.49
Light Balti Serving Dish (15cm)Light Balti Serving Dish (15cm)
Price: £2.55
Light Balti Serving Dish (19cm)Light Balti Serving Dish (19cm)
Price: £3.39
Balti Dishes Set 1Balti Dishes Set 1
Balti Dish set 1 consists of: 2 x 15cm Balti Dish 2 x 17cm Balti Dish
Price: £16.95
Balti Dishes Set 2Balti Dishes Set 2
Balti Dish set 2 consists of: 4 x Balti Dish 15cm 2 x Balti Dish 17cm
Price: £24.90
Copper Handi DishCopper Handi Dish
Price: £6.75
Stainless Steel Handi Dish (Single)Stainless Steel Handi Dish (Single)
Price: £5.19
Oval Stainless Steel DishOval Stainless Steel Dish
Price: £4.59
Stainless Steel Platter (Serving Flat)Stainless Steel Platter (Serving Flat)
Price: £2.59
Tikka Kebab & Samosa Serving PlatterTikka Kebab & Samosa Serving Platter
Price: £2.69

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