Bamboo Steamer Cover Lid (each)

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Bamboo Steamer Cover Lid (each)

Bamboo Steamer Cover / Lid

Available in 6 inch, 8 inch and 10 inch, please choose below.

Bamboo is the traditional preferred material for steamers. This is the most common type used in the east as bamboo is thought to be the most efficient material and will also add its delicate fragrance during steaming.

Sold singular so ideal if you need replacement pieces.

Multi stacked bamboo steamers will enable a variety of appetisers, vegetables and other kinds of food to be all cooked at once. Bamboo Steamers are a true work of craftsmanship.

They work by holding food over simmering water and thus allowing steam to pass through and cook it. The steamer will need to be placed on top of something like an upside down bowl to keep it above the water and not submerged in water, so steam can pass through without soaking contents. Therfore you will need to have a wok/saucepan bigger and wider than your steamer so the steamer can fit inside comfortably. 

After cooking, to store you should gently hand clean the bamboo steamer with warm water and liquid detergent and then allowed to air dry.

Food can also be cooked on ceramic plates placed inside the steamer to keep the bamboo steamer cleaner.  

Tip:'' placing the thickest ends of foods like asparagus in the middle of the steamer will ensure a thorough cooking as this is where the heat is the greatest.'' - theasiancookshop 

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