Bhringraj (Maka) Powder By Hesh Ayurveda

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Hesh Bhringraj Maka Powder

50g. Hesh Maka Powder - Gift of Nature, Clean scalp, Cleaner Skin.

A unique ayurvedic formulation that aids in the treatment of scalp and hair problems. When made into a paste and massaged into scalp it will help remove scurf or incrustations forming on scalp. In fact it also cures alopecia. Helps make hair thick and dark promoting hair growth.  When applied to skin it helps cure skin diseases.


  • - removes scurf
  • - cures alopecia
  • - makes hair dense and promotes hair growth
  • - cures skin diseases.

Ingredients: maka powder

Price: £1.95
Bhringraj Maka Powder (Hesh Ayurveda) | Buy Online at The Asian Cookshop.

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