Black Vasma Henna Powder [Indigo]

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Black Vasma Henna Powder [Indigo]

Black Vasma Henna Powder

100g by Topop

Quality Black Vasma Henna [Indigo] Powder.

Vasma henna is free from chemicals and superior quality. It promotes strength while conditioning the scalp as well as giving hair a tint of colour if left to dry.


  • Mix the required quantity of black henna with brush and warm water to form a soft paste and leave it for 5-10mins.
  • Wash hair with shampoo to remove grease and then dry it properly.
  • Then apply henna with brush and use comb so that it is evenly applied.
  • Then leave it for some time till dry and rinse for beautiful shiny hair.

Ingredients: indigofera tinctoria [indigo] leaf powder.

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GTIN: 5021885007637
Brand: topop
Condition: New