RECIPE: Chicken in Spicy Yoghurt Curry Sauce


Chicken in Spicy Yoghurt Curry Sauce

Great Tasting Chicken Curry from Pakistan’s Favourite Laziza


Ingredients Required:

Chicken 1kg
Yoghurt [beaten] 250g
Onion finely sliced 250g
Cooking Oil/Ghee 200g
Ginger finely sliced 30g
Laziza Chicken Masala one bag

Easy Steps:

1] Fry onion till golden, remove from oil and spread on absorbent paper. When crisp, crush it and keep aside [avoid very fine grinding or making paste]
2] In same oil put chicken, laziza chicken masala [one bag] beaten yoghurt and fry for 5 mins. Add 1-2 cups of water, cover and cook on low flame until meat is tender.
3] Add the crushen fried onion, stir for a while and cook on low flame until ghee/oil seperates from the gravy.

Tips: [1] for an enhanced taste add 1-2 tbsp of fine ginger shreds during step 2. [2] do not use overburnt or dark brown fried onion. [3] the yoghurt should not be too sour – try a natural plain set yoghurt.

Laziza Chicken Masala is available to buy online at the asian cookshop here

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