Can You Microwave Poppadoms?

Yes! Making poppadoms in the microwave is a healthier option, quick and so easy to make.

Just follow my instructions below and make sure you get the right type of poppadom, available here: ” Plain Madras Poppadoms ”

Firstly, the right type of poppadom – You are looking for the word ‘Madras’ as these are the slightly thicker plain poppadom that are used in Indian restaurants nationwide. Don’t worry ‘Madras’ does not mean the hot curry flavour! These are plain and not spicy [Madras refers to the place in India].

Now to the making, snap a single dry poppadom in half and then again to get 4 quarters.


poppadom microwave a  poppadom microwave b

Place the quarters onto your microwave turn plate. Make sure the quarters are turned inwards like the picture below as they seem to cook more evenly this way.

poppadom microwave c

The poppadoms will only need about 2mins cooking on high heat, but this can vary depending on your microwave.

Keep an eye on them as they turn, you will see them cook and ‘blow up’ to look more like the poppadoms we are used to seeing. Break the time up and check after a minute.


poppadom microwave d

It can take a few tries before perfecting, but you should be fine after a couple of goes.

Watch out for any uncooked bits that need longer cooking and keep them a light colour, as they can overcook quite easily.

poppadom microwave e

Once cooked, enjoy with chutneys and pickles and try not to have too many!

poppadom microwave f


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21. April 2017 by asiancookshop
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