BULK Shirataki Konjac Yam Noodles [Konnyaku] x 20pk

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Shirataki Konjac Yam Noodles [Konnyaku]

20 x 400g case.

Konnyaku 'Shirataki' noodles are extremely healthy, high fiber, low calorie and low cholesterol noodles. This is why they are also known as 'Zero' or 'Miracle' noodles.

Shirataki noodles are also known as 'Konjac', 'Konnyaku' or 'Yam' noodles and have a light chewy texture. Made from an Asian vegetable called 'Konjac', Shirataki noodles do not have much flavour on their own - so are excellent for soaking up flavour from other ingredients and sauces. Great in Hotpots.

Popular in Asia, they were made famous in the UK by being on channel 4 hit 'My big fat diet show' in January 2010, 

To prepare: drain the contents of pack and rinse noodles thoroughly. Then boil for a few mins and add as needed to your cooking.

Ingredients: water, konjac powder, acidity regulator e526.

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