Bumbu Bali | Balinese Spice Paste [Basa Gede] by Indonesia Boemboe

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Bumbu Bali | Balinese Spice Paste [Basa Gede]

100g by Indonesia Boemboe.

Boemboe [Bumbu] is the taste of Indonesia. This fragrant paste is also known simply as the 'Balinese Spice Paste'

Flavourful spices and ingredients blended into a fresh spicemix, prepared to a traditional Indonesian recipe, to make delicious Bumbu Bali.

Indonesian Bamboe Bali spice paste is an easy way to prepare exquisite, delicious Indonesian dishes.

Preparation :

  • Cut meat or chicken into pieces.
  • Fry Bumbu Bali with some oil and fry with chicken or meat .
  • Add 3 cups of water and cook on low heat, stirring gently. 
  • Simmer until tender, let sauce reduce and thicken and meat cook through, salt to taste.

Ingredients: Onion, Red pepper, sugar, salt, water, vegetable oil, flavour enhancers (E510,E621), garlic, ginger, molasses, lemongrass, food acids (E260, E262, E326, E330), wheat flour, preservatives (E200, E210, E211), shrimps, vegetable protein hydrolyzate (soy), colourant (E150c), thickeners (E407, E412, E466), kaffir lime leaf, spices, tapioca flour, antioxidants (E310, E320).

Allergy Advice:
Contains seafish, shell and crustaceans.
Contains wheat, gluten and soy.

This product is produced in a space where also peanuts and nuts are manufactured.

Price: £1.75
Bumbu Bali | Balinese Spice Paste [Basa Gede] by Indonesia Boemboe | Buy Online at the Asian Cookshop

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