Cast Iron Sizzling Platter [Restaurant Style Sizzler]

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Cast Iron Sizzling Platter [Restaurant Style Sizzler]

Cast Iron Sizzle Platter with wooden stand and removable lifting fork (handle)

Approx 9'' x 5'' Oval Sizzler Indian restaurant Style - (Steak platter set)

Serve Indian restaurant Style sizzling dishes!

  • Simply Heat the iron skillet on a high flame till hot, then using the fork supplied lift the skillet onto the wooden serving stand supplied being careful not to burn yourself as it gets very, very hot.
  • Then gently place some chopped onions on to the skillet it will start to smoke so for the sizzle,  gently add some oil by dripping it slowly, a few drops at a time over the onions.  
  • Now place your hot just cooked food such as Chicken tikka, Tandoori Chicken on top of the onions and serve.
  • Be extremely careful and take things slow and with consideration as the skillet gets very, very hot and can be dangerous. 
  • Do not touch or pick up a hot skillet directly as it will burn, Once on the stand you can serve holding the stand. This can still get hot, so be careful.
  • As with most iron cookware, if due care is not taken they can rust easily. 

For First Use [seasoning]: Wash the cast iron with mild soap. DO NOT SCOUR. Rinse in warm water. Dry. Now coat with cooking oil and leave on a low heat for 30 mins. Wipe off excess oil.

After use: Always clean cast iron in hot soapy water and dry thoroughly. Ideally, reseason before storing. Store in a warm, dry place.
If scouring is required, coat with a little oil prior to use or reseason.
If food has a metallic taste or if the cast iron becomes rusty, it simply requires reseasoning.
Scrub with a scouring pad, wash with soap and water, dry. Coat inside of cast iron with unsalted fat. Heat in a moderate oven for about one hour. Whilst hot, remove any excess fat with paper towel/dry cloth.

Please note the stand colour can vary from that pictured.

Tip: With all cooking, the main thing is to be organised. Know what you are going to have to do and have all the ingredients and equipment to hand before getting started.  

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