Chinese Hot Pot Cooker [Thai Hotpot, SteamBoat, Shabu Shabu, Fire Pot Fondue]

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Chinese Hot Pot Cooker [Thai Hot Pot, SteamBoat, Fire Pot, Chinese Fondue]

Available in Small 22cmLarge 28cm diameters. Please choose below.

This aluminium Hotpot Cooker is called many things and has many uses. The most popular being as a soup server for dishes like Tom yum soup.  Also known as a SteamBoat, Fire Pot, Chinese Fondue and Shabu Shabu.

Heating products are placed in the base (traditionally charcoal is used) to warm and food is placed in the surrounding bowl. Heat passes through the middle chimney and heats the surrounding bowl. Due to the inconvenience of using charcoal at home we would recommend using chafing gel fuel like sterno to provide a strong heat source.

Why not use our Hot Pot Skimmer/Scoop to hold and remove foods from your hotpot - sold separately.


Hot Pot
Price: £18.99

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