Sandwich Spread by Lady's ChoiceSandwich Spread by Lady's Choice
Price: £4.99
Coconut Sugar (Organic) (500g Tub)Coconut Sugar (Organic) (500g Tub)
Price: £5.99
Palm Sugar [Thai Palm Sugar]Palm Sugar [Thai Palm Sugar]
Price: £1.79
X.O Palm Sugar Paste (Jar)X.O Palm Sugar Paste (Jar)
Price: £2.09
Date Syrup by BasraDate Syrup by Basra
Price: £3.19
Pickled Garlic ClovesPickled Garlic Cloves
Price: £2.69
AntiPasti Garlic Cloves and Chilli by CypressaAntiPasti Garlic Cloves and Chilli by Cypressa
Chilli spiced sicilan style garlic - for snacking and flavouring.
Price: £3.69
Dried Bamboo LeavesDried Bamboo Leaves
Price: £3.99
Dried Lotus LeavesDried Lotus Leaves
Price: £4.79
KTC Lime JuiceKTC Lime Juice
Price: £0.85
Maltose [Malt Sugar]Maltose [Malt Sugar]
Price: £2.25
Molasses (Sugar Cane Molasses)Molasses (Sugar Cane Molasses)
Price: £3.25
Premium Cane Vinegar by Datu PutiPremium Cane Vinegar by Datu Puti
Price: £1.89
Spiced White Vinegar by Datu PutiSpiced White Vinegar by Datu Puti
Price: £2.59
BULK Maggi Arome Liquid Seasoning 960mlBULK Maggi Arome Liquid Seasoning 960ml
Price: £5.99
Coco Lopez Cream of CoconutCoco Lopez Cream of Coconut
Price: £2.45
Eatons Jamaican Hot Peppers (Crushed)Eatons Jamaican Hot Peppers (Crushed)
Price: £2.39
Opies Green Peppercorns (in brine)Opies Green Peppercorns (in brine)
Price: £1.49
Opies Pink PeppercornsOpies Pink Peppercorns
Price: £1.69
Seitan (Meat Substitute) by YaksoSeitan (Meat Substitute) by Yakso
Price: £4.49

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