Creamed Coconut (Block)

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Creamed Coconut (Block)

Creamed Coconut

Creamed coconut is made from coconut. It adds a distinctive, rich coconut flavour and texture. It can be chopped into pieces and added to cooking, grated or made into milk or cream. Creamed coconut is a concentrated coconut extract without the water. Like coconut oil, it is hard at a low room temperature but varies in warmer temperatures.

  • To make Coconut Cream: Break 200g Creamed Coconut into a bowl. Add approx 450ml of warm water and stir until dissolved. Now strain this through muslin or a fine sieve to leave coconut cream, ready to use.
  • To make Coconut Milk: Add an extra 150ml water, and strain before use.

Adjust measurements as required for making smaller amounts.

  • Size: 198g.
  • Brand: Various.

(Please email before ordering if specific brand required).

Ingredients: 100% coconut.

5 stars based on 1 review
John Digby
from suffolk, UK

This is lovely stuff, but I would suggest you look at your maths: _

Block of Coconut - 200ml

400g warm water - 450ml

cold water 150g - 150ml

Total - 800ml... or nearly 2 pints!!!

But I like to use it by the block, which I add untill it melts into the curry, giving that lucious silky-rich, coconut flavour. ;)

GTIN: 5020580191405
Brand: island sun
Condition: New