Dried Adzuki Beans (Red Chori/Cow Peas/Azuki) 500g

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Dried Adzuki Beans (Red Chori/Cow Peas/Azuki) 500g

Adzuki Beans (Red Chori/Cow Peas/Azuki)

Adzuki beans are also known as red cow peas, Azuki beans or red chori

Adzuki beans are small reddish beans, These Cow peas are used extensively throughout the world for their versatility and are also known as Red chori, adzuki beans, 

They have an earthy flavour with a slight sweet and creamy taste, often used in salads, as with most beans and pulses these should be soaked for at least 6 hours or overnight.

  • Size: 500g.
  • Brand: Various.

(Please email before ordering if specific brand required).

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