Shop for Dried Fruit, Nuts and a whole lot more. From Cashew Nuts & Pistachio Nuts to Dried Mango Fruit. Why not try something new?

Pistachio Nuts [Kernel]Pistachio Nuts [Kernel]
Price: £3.89
Golden Sultanas [Golden Raisins]Golden Sultanas [Golden Raisins]
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Price: £0.89
BULK 750g Cashew NutsBULK 750g Cashew Nuts
Price: £12.99
Cashew NutsCashew Nuts
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Price: £2.19
750g Whole Almonds750g Whole Almonds
Price: £11.99
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Price: £1.79
300g Almond Powder300g Almond Powder
Price: £4.99
BULK Almond Powder 750GBULK Almond Powder 750G
Price: £12.49
AluBukhara [Kashmiri Plums]AluBukhara [Kashmiri Plums]
Price: £3.99
Black Lime [Dried] by GreenfieldsBlack Lime [Dried] by Greenfields
Price: £1.89
Dried Barberries (Zereshk, Barberry)Dried Barberries (Zereshk, Barberry)
Price: £2.99
Dried Lime by GreenfieldsDried Lime by Greenfields
Price: £1.85
Coconut FlakesCoconut Flakes
Price: £1.65
Goji Berries (Dried Ningxia Wolfberry)Goji Berries (Dried Ningxia Wolfberry)
Price: £2.39
1.5KG Peanut Kernels [BULK Plain Peanuts]1.5KG Peanut Kernels [BULK Plain Peanuts]
Price: £6.29
Peanut Kernels [Plain Peanuts]Peanut Kernels [Plain Peanuts]
Price: £1.49
Pumpkin Seeds 100g (Roasted & Salted)Pumpkin Seeds 100g (Roasted & Salted)
Price: £1.79
Sunflower Seeds [Roasted & Salted]Sunflower Seeds [Roasted & Salted]
Price: £0.89
Betelnuts Sopari [Sliced] [Areca Nuts] [Supari Cheel]Betelnuts Sopari [Sliced] [Areca Nuts] [Supari Cheel]
Price: £6.59
Madinah DatesMadinah Dates
Price: £3.99

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