Shop for Dried Fruit, Nuts and a whole lot more. From Cashew Nuts & Pistachio Nuts to Dried Mango Fruit. Why not try something new?

Madinah Khudri DatesMadinah Khudri Dates
Price: £3.99
Hulled Hemp Seeds by BodrumHulled Hemp Seeds by Bodrum
Price: £3.09
Pumpkin Seed KernelsPumpkin Seed Kernels
Price: £2.69
Sunflower Seed KernelsSunflower Seed Kernels
Price: £1.39
Almond Flakes (Flaked Almonds) 100gAlmond Flakes (Flaked Almonds) 100g
Price: £2.19
Almond Powder (Ground Almonds) 100gAlmond Powder (Ground Almonds) 100g
Price: £2.19
Assorted Turkish Delight by BodrumAssorted Turkish Delight by Bodrum
Price: £2.29
Carob 200g by BodrumCarob 200g by Bodrum
Price: £2.79
Crystallised Ginger ChunksCrystallised Ginger Chunks
Price: £2.19
Dried ApricotsDried Apricots
Price: £3.19
Dried Black Prunes (Pitted)Dried Black Prunes (Pitted)
Price: £2.69
Dried CranberriesDried Cranberries
Price: £1.69
Dried Mini FigsDried Mini Figs
Price: £2.75
Goji Berries (Dried)Goji Berries (Dried)
Price: £1.99
Loose Pitted Dates 500gLoose Pitted Dates 500g
Price: £2.20
Pine Nuts 50gPine Nuts 50g
Price: £4.49
Walnut Kernals 200gWalnut Kernals 200g
Price: £4.49
Whole Chia Seeds 250g by TopopWhole Chia Seeds 250g by Topop
Price: £2.49

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