Dried Goraka (Garcinia Cambogia/Black Tamarind)

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Dried Goraka (Garcinia Cambogia/Black Tamarind)

Dried Goraka (Garcinia Cambogia/Black Tamarind)

250g by Sun Island.

Goraka is a popular Indian ingredient used commonly as a souring agent in curries, especially from the south and Sri Lanka.

Suited to both meat and seafood dishes it works particularly well in fish curries, giving a smoky tart flavour. 

Before use, quickly wash goraka pieces under running water, then soak for 10 minutes. You can then add the Goraka along with the water into your cooking to flavour.

Also known as 'black tamarind', 'kudampuli', 'pot tamarind', 'malabar tamarind', 'brindleberry' and 'Garcinia Cambogia' - it can be found in most parts of Asia including souring a number of popular curry dishes from Thailand like 'Kaeng Som'.

Ingredients: goraka, salt.
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Brand: sun island
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