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Beancurd Sheet (Dried Tofu Skin, Yuba, Dumpling Wrapper) by ZFBeancurd Sheet (Dried Tofu Skin, Yuba, Dumpling Wrapper) by ZF
Beancurd Sheets are by their nature a very fragile and delicate ingredient. Whilst we endeavour to pack this product securely for transit, we are unable to accept any liability should it arrive damaged or crushed. Purchase of this product is at customer's own risk. We would advise purchasing from our Essex store in person to avoid this transit risk.
Price: £3.49
Chinese Herbal Mix by Grab ThaiChinese Herbal Mix by Grab Thai
Price: £1.99
Dried Anchovies (Anchovy)Dried Anchovies (Anchovy)
Price: £2.49
Dried Bonga (Shawa Herring Fillets)Dried Bonga (Shawa Herring Fillets)
Price: £4.25
Dried Ground Prawn PowderDried Ground Prawn Powder
Price: £2.99
Dried Headless & Gutted Anchovies (Anchovy)Dried Headless & Gutted Anchovies (Anchovy)
Price: £3.25
Dried Lotus LeavesDried Lotus Leaves
Price: £4.99
Dried Nasi Goreng (Vegetable & Spice Mix) 200gDried Nasi Goreng (Vegetable & Spice Mix) 200g
Price: £2.99
Dried Shiitake MushroomsDried Shiitake Mushrooms
Price: £2.69
Dried ShrimpsDried Shrimps
Price: £6.99
Dried StockFish TuskDried StockFish Tusk
Price: £4.49
Dried Taro Leaves [Patra/Arvi/Eddoe/Colocasia Leaves]Dried Taro Leaves [Patra/Arvi/Eddoe/Colocasia Leaves]
Price: £2.99
Dried Whole Crayfish 40gDried Whole Crayfish 40g
Price: £1.99
Dried Wood Ear (Cloud Ear) Mushrooms (White Back Black Fungus)Dried Wood Ear (Cloud Ear) Mushrooms (White Back Black Fungus)
Price: £1.99
Instant Dried Yeast by Basak (3x10g)Instant Dried Yeast by Basak (3x10g)
Price: £1.29
Instant Dried Yeast by CykoriaInstant Dried Yeast by Cykoria
Price: £0.99
JHL Kelp Strips (Kombu/Konbu/Dashima/Haidai)JHL Kelp Strips (Kombu/Konbu/Dashima/Haidai)
Price: £0.75
Jujube (Seedless Chinese Red Dates)Jujube (Seedless Chinese Red Dates)
Price: £2.85
Roasted Seasoned Yellow Stripe Trevally Fish SnackRoasted Seasoned Yellow Stripe Trevally Fish Snack
Price: £1.99
Shredded Squid Snack (Ready to Eat)Shredded Squid Snack (Ready to Eat)
Price: £2.59

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