Fresh Paneer (Paneer Cheese)

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Fresh Paneer (Paneer Cheese)  

Quality Paneer Cheese in approx 200g block.

Paneer cheese is an Indian cheese, commonly used in curries and indian food. Paneer has a mild flavour like cottage cheese and works well in vegetarian curry like saag paneer or mattar paneer. It is usually cut into cubes and than either fried in ghee to seal it or added near the end of cooking. Paneer is suited to curries and dishes with alot of added flavour as it soaks these flavours up well.

100% Vegetarian - by Sugam.

Available Monday to Wednesday Only. For orders containing this item, you must select EXPRESS delivery at checkout to ensure the fastest delivery.

Item is sent with a cooling pack to help keep temperature chilled in transit, but item must be refrigerated immediately on delivery. We recommend selecting the next day 12:00 option to limit transit further and like all perishables they are ordered at customers own risk.

Price: £3.25
Fresh Paneer (Paneer Cheese) | Buy Online at the Asian Cookshop

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