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To make things easier for our customers, this new category tries to collect products that the manufacturer has specifically labelled as gluten free. Please browse our shop if individual ingredients are required that may not be labelled as gluten free on packaging. Please also note this info is correct at the time of adding a product and may change in future without our knowledge. If you prefer you can email us to confirm current packaging info.

Singapore Coconut Rice [Nasi Lemak] | AHGSingapore Coconut Rice [Nasi Lemak] | AHG
Price: £1.59
20KG Laila Aged Basmati Rice20KG Laila Aged Basmati Rice
Price: £39.99
2KG Laila Aged Basmati Rice2KG Laila Aged Basmati Rice
Price: £6.99
300ml Squid Fish Sauce300ml Squid Fish Sauce
Price: £1.95
5KG Laila Aged Basmati Rice5KG Laila Aged Basmati Rice
Price: £13.99
Beansprouts (Tinned)Beansprouts (Tinned)
Price: £1.45
Broken Basmati Rice 10kgBroken Basmati Rice 10kg
Price: £9.99
Brown Rice Noodles (Brown Fine Vermicelli) by PurviBrown Rice Noodles (Brown Fine Vermicelli) by Purvi
Price: £1.59
Butter Chicken [Murgh Makhani] | AHGButter Chicken [Murgh Makhani] | AHG
Indian Butter Chicken Makhani
Price: £1.59
Chinese Stir Fry Vegetables (in water) by Tiger TigerChinese Stir Fry Vegetables (in water) by Tiger Tiger
Price: £1.49
Coco Rice Roll (Crispy Coconut Biscuit Rolls)Coco Rice Roll (Crispy Coconut Biscuit Rolls)
Price: £2.69
Coconut Sugar (Organic)Coconut Sugar (Organic)
Price: £5.99
Geeta's Mango & Chilli Chutney (Premium)Geeta's Mango & Chilli Chutney (Premium)
Price: £2.09
Geeta's Mango & Ginger Chutney (Premium)Geeta's Mango & Ginger Chutney (Premium)
Price: £2.09
Geeta's Spice & Stir Jalfrezi SauceGeeta's Spice & Stir Jalfrezi Sauce
Price: £2.49
Geeta's Spice & Stir Tikka Masala SauceGeeta's Spice & Stir Tikka Masala Sauce
Price: £2.49
Geeta's Spicy Tomato & Chilli SauceGeeta's Spicy Tomato & Chilli Sauce
Price: £2.39
Geeta's Sweet & Spicy Mango SauceGeeta's Sweet & Spicy Mango Sauce
Price: £2.39
Geeta's Sweet Lime Chutney (Premium)Geeta's Sweet Lime Chutney (Premium)
Price: £2.09
Geeta's Tomato & Chilli Chutney (Premium)Geeta's Tomato & Chilli Chutney (Premium)
Price: £2.09

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