Gochujang Paste (Korean Hot Pepper Paste) by AJR

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Gochujang Paste (Korean Hot Pepper Paste)

500g by Ajumma Republic.

Ajumma Republics Korean hot red pepper paste has been inspired by generations of authentic Korean cuisine.

This old-fashioned Korean red paste is made from fresh and quality ingredients to deliver a rich flavour and a distinctive aroma to all your food.

Gochujang is a popular fermented Korean paste that flavours stews, sauces, stir fries and marinades - also known as 'gojuchang'. Try Gochujang paste in your cooking to provide a rich, spicy, savoury flavour to your dish.

Ingredients: Starch Syrup, Wheat Flour, Water, Powdered Red Pepper, Salt, Polished Wheat, Ethyl Alcohol, Garlic, Hydrolysed Vegetable Protein (Wheat), Onion.

Product of Korea.

Price: £3.99
Gochujang Paste (Korean Hot Pepper Paste) | Buy Online at the Asian Cookshop

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