Shop here for all the Ground Spices you need with a full array of spices ground from around the world.

We have Ground Spices packed in small, medium and larger sizes to suit all your requirements. Extra Large 5kg Ground Spices are also available!

''Generally when cooking Indian Food, Ground Indian Spices will be used in different blends for adding flavour. Indian Spices can be used both Ground or Whole, roasted, fried or made into a paste. Most Ground Spices are added at the start of cooking, but some are used close to the end, a few minutes before serving.'' the asian cookshop.
Rajah Ground SpicesRajah Ground Spices

TRS Garam Masala Powder 5kgTRS Garam Masala Powder 5kg
Price: £39.99
Ground Mace (Javantry Mace Powder)Ground Mace (Javantry Mace Powder)
Price: £3.49
Click above for available sizes
Price: £1.99
Meat Tenderiser by RajahMeat Tenderiser by Rajah
Price: £0.99
Berbere by GreenfieldsBerbere by Greenfields
Price: £1.99
Curry Leaf Powder [Ground Curry Leaves]Curry Leaf Powder [Ground Curry Leaves]
100g packet
Price: £1.40
Ground Aniseed by GreenfieldsGround Aniseed by Greenfields
Price: £1.49
Spices for Falafel by GreenfieldsSpices for Falafel by Greenfields
Price: £1.49
1KG Kashmiri Chilli Powder1KG Kashmiri Chilli Powder
Click above for available sizes
Price: £9.99
400g Kashmiri Chilli Powder400g Kashmiri Chilli Powder
Price: £4.99
Kashmiri Chilli Powder by MDHKashmiri Chilli Powder by MDH
Price: £1.49
BULK Paprika 5kgBULK Paprika 5kg
Price: £27.99
Adabi Malaysian Curry Powder [Kari Ayam Dan Daging]Adabi Malaysian Curry Powder [Kari Ayam Dan Daging]
Price: £2.49
Adobo Seasoning [Latino All Purpose Seasoning]Adobo Seasoning [Latino All Purpose Seasoning]
Price: £1.69
Ajinomoto Umami Seasoning 200g (MSG) Monosodium GlutamateAjinomoto Umami Seasoning 200g (MSG) Monosodium Glutamate
Price: £1.45
BULK Madras Curry Powder 5kg by TRSBULK Madras Curry Powder 5kg by TRS
Price: £24.99
Ajwain Powder [Lovage] | Roasted Ground Ajowan Carom SeedsAjwain Powder [Lovage] | Roasted Ground Ajowan Carom Seeds
Price: £1.30
5KG Turmeric Powder (Haldi)5KG Turmeric Powder (Haldi)
Price: £15.99
All Purpose Seasoning (no MSG) by TSUNAll Purpose Seasoning (no MSG) by TSUN
Price: £1.39
Pickling SpicesPickling Spices
Price: £1.29

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