HK Sushi Bamboo Rolling Mat with Spatula

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HK Sushi Bamboo Rolling Mat with Spatula

Sushi Bamboo Rolling Mat Set

Sushi Bamboo Rolling Mats are used for preparing sushi rolls and much more. Sushi Nori is placed onto the open flay mat and then sushi rice etc is added and the mat rolled to guide the nori over to create perfect sushi rolls. 

It is advised to lay out the ingredients you wish to use as fillings and so everthing is straight to hand and also a tip is to keep a bowl of cold water closeby. This is to wet your fingers as the sushi rice is very very sticky and its best to wet hands to keep a clean finish.

The sushi rice should be added into the middle of the flat nori and spread out using a sushi spatula. Don't go right t o the edges as they will overspill otherwise. Once rice is flattenned add the rest of your fillings onto the middle horizontally along the sheet.

Now using the sushi mat gently lift and roll over the sushi nori, rice and filling, pressing down to compress the contents around the nori. avoiding trapping the mat in the roll! Once roll is nearly complete, moisten the end edge with water and complete your roll pressing down gently so it holds tight and manipulate it to a nice round balanced shape.

Now put aside and wret your knife in cold water, slice the roll into pieces approx 2cm wide remembering to wet the knife between each cut to keep a clean finish. Your rolls are ready and can be served with soy sauce, dipping sauce, wasabi and sushi ginger [perfect to clean the palate] 

approx 24cm

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GTIN: 5060035801701
Brand: hancock
Condition: New