Iron Round Griddle Plate

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Iron Round Griddle Plate

Approx 10'', no handles.

A plain round griddle plate used extensively for cooking breads, searing meat and generally preparing food.

This style of cooking equipment is used throughout the world in Indian, Asian, Latin American, Chinese & African cooking for breads, meats, eggs and general flat frying and is slightly concave.

Approx  10" Diameter.
Handle with extreme care once hot.
(Product may vary slightly from image).

Preparation & How To Season

  • The Iron plate must be prepared and seasoned before use.
  • First clean thoroughly to remove any manufacturers protective oil & rust, then dry completely.
  • Now to season, heat for a few minutes until its entire surface is hot. The first time you do this you may see parts of the black surface begin to peel away, this is fine as sometimes a protective layer is added at manufacture for safe transit.
  • With a cloth wipe on a thin layer of oil, then turn up the heat to burn it off, and let it cool down. Repeat this process building up at least half a dozen thin layers, burning in each layer before applying the next.
  • Be careful when handling hot items.
  • The Iron may have an uneven rustic look in parts which is quite normal.


  • Rinse with hot water. Gently lift off or scrub away food particles with a non metallic scrubber or with a Bamboo wok cleaner brush.
  • Rinse. Dry the interior and exterior with paper towels.
  • To finish drying, place over medium to high flame and 'burn', to sterilise it ready for your next cooking session.
  • It is best not to wash with detergents, as it will take away all your hard work with seasoning.
  • Wipe over with a small amount of vegetable oil. This helps prevent rusting. [Note: this step may not be necessary if you properly seasoned and it gets a lot of use.]
  • Store until ready to use again.

Tips: ''Never scrub with an abrasive cleanser, as this can damage the seasoned surface. Instead, wash in hot water. If necessary, you can use a brush or non metallic scrubber to remove any particles of food sticking to the bottom, ideally use a bamboo wok cleaner. Do not put in the dishwasher. If rust appears or it is accidentally cleaned in the dishwasher, remove the rust [with scouring pad etc] and re-season it, being careful to remove all the rust. Keeping iron cookware well seasoned and oiled will help prevent rusting. Wipe dry with paper towels. They will build up a layer of black carbon, but don't worry, this will help stop rusting . '' - The Asian Cookshop

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