Kitchen King Masala (All In One Spice Mix) by MDH

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Kitchen King Masala (All In One Spice Mix) by MDH

Kitchen King Masala

100g by MDH.

Often known as the 'secret ingredient' - Kitchen King Masala is the name given to an all in one spice mix that can be added to any curry to give it a great hit of flavour.

Known as the 'King of spices' and 'Kitchen king', due to it consisting of a huge 20 ingredient blend. It will add flavour, colour and aroma to any Indian dish.

A Multi-Use Spice Blend:

  • Add Kitchen King Masala to any vegetable dish, curry and paneer dishes.
  • Kitchen King Masala is widely used in Punjabi dishes. 
  • Sprinkle Kitchen King Masala when preparing biryani's or pulao's. 
  • Also used In North Indian curries, Kitchen King is added after the base ingredients are cooked out and imparts an appealing and fragrant aroma to the curry. 

Not to be confused with garam masala, both are not normally used together in the same dish.

Kitchen king masala is to be added during cooking, once you have sauteed off the initial spices and ingredients. Where as garam masala is usually added much nearer to the end of cooking.

As a rough guide 1tsp of Kitchen king masala should suffice for a curry serving about 4 people.

Ingredients: coriander, chilli red, cumin, turmeric, salt white, musk melon, mustard, fenugreek leaves, dried garlic, dried ginger, black pepper, dried onion, cardamom amomum, cinnamon, fennel, cloves, nutmeg, mace, cardamom green, asafoetida.

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