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Korean Kimchi Soup - Kimchi Jigae | AHG

50g Sachet

Authentic Spice Paste made from fresh herbs and spices. No added MSG, Preservatives or artificial colours.

Kimchi is a traditional Korean dish of fermented chilli peppers and vegetables. This specially created spice paste gives this hearty flavourful soup it's distinctive spicy, tangy taste which can be eaten with steamed rice for an appetizing meal.

Korean Kimchee Soup - serves 2-3

1 packet paste
500ml water
150g seafood or sliced meat
100g chinese cabbage or kimchi
1 small onion cut into bitesized pieces
chopped spring onion as garnish

Step1] bring water to boil, add onion and spice paste, stir to mix well.
Step2] add meat and cabbage or kimchee, bring to boil.
Step3] reduce heat, simmer uncovered for 5 mins or until cooked - garnish.

Ingredients; water, fresh red chilli, salt, garlic, sugar, miso paste [soybean, rice, salt] ginger, fish sauce [anchovy fish extract, salt, sugar] distilled vinegar, sesame paste, shrimp paste [shrimp, salt] sesame oil, teast extract, food acid [citric acid] kimchi flavouring [nature identical] colouring paprika oleoresin.

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