Lye Water (Kansui, Jian Shui) by Tung Chun

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Lye Water (Kansui, Jian Shui) by Tung Chun

Lye Water

500ml by Tung Chun.

This potassium carbonate solution is known as 'Lye Water', 'Kansui' or 'Jian Shui'. 

Lye water is an ingredient used in Asian cooking for the preparation of meat, rice or noodles, as well as corn, beans, maize or vegetables to soften, or keep their colour. It should only be used by the experienced cook, according to their recipe instructions. 

Do not drink directly. Not intended for consumption. Lye water can also be used in soap making and as a cleaning agent.

For Vegetable Prep: Fill container with 1 litre water. Add 10 drops of Lye Water and stir thoroughly. Soak washed vegetables in solution for few seconds and then drain in a strainer. Vegetables are then ready to cook. 

To be safe, wear gloves when using lye water, and mix careful ratios according to your recipe.

Keep bottle tightly closed in a cool, dry place.

Ingredients: water, acidity regulator e501.

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