Mae Ploy Thai Yellow Curry Paste

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Mae Ploy Thai Yellow Curry Paste

Mae Ploy Thai Yellow Curry Paste


A delightful blend of spices and ingredients such as lemongrass which provide the fresh distinct flavour with Indian influence of turmeric.

No preservative or colourant added

Product of Thailand.


  • stirfry 50g of paste with 200g of coconut milk
  • then stirin another 200g coconut milk and heat until boiling
  • add 200g of meat and continue cooking
  • once meat cooked add vegetables and 100g water and cook until vegetables soft
  • for a milder flavour, use less paste.

Ingredients: lemongrass, Garlic, shallots, salt, galangal, dry red chilli, coriander seed, kaffir lime peel, cumin, cinnamon, mace, tumeric, and cardamom


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Dr John Digby
from Haverhill, Suffolk

Mae Ploy Yellow Curry Paste

Along with its brothers; red and green, it is so simple to prepare, it is foolproof! Not only that, the result is OUTSTANDING!!

Recipe & Method

INGREDIENTS: - This serves four hungry people, or perhaps six average appetites: -

1 tbs Veg oil (Coconut oil or peanut would also be fine)

50 g Mae Ploy Yellow Curry Paste

2 tsps Thai Basil

2 tsps Lemon Grass

2 cans Coconut Milk

600g Protein of choice – prawns/fish/chicken/meat/quorn/poneer/etc

2 Carrots thinly sliced acutely

2 Onions peeled, halved and segmented

2 Courgettes (Medium) acutely sliced

400g Closed Cap1 Mushrooms (small; halved)

400g Laila Brown Basmati Rice

(1Any mushroom will do, but they have to be closed as the spores will ruin your beautiful pale yellow effect)


This week-end my younger son had his girlfriend staying - as usual - and he asked if I would make a curry for her as she had not tasted Thai cuisine. So I did....

I fried off the paste in a tbs of veg. oil and added some extra Thai Basil and Lemon Grass from the small jars. Then I added a whole can of coconut milk and brought it to a simmer. Here I added the prawns (3 packets) and again brought to a simmer.

Then I added the carrots, peppers and the remaining can of Coconut Milk and brought this mixture, in turn, to the simmering point. Lastly I added the mushrooms and sliced courgettes and continued cooking, which only took about 5 - 6 minutes to cook through and the dish was complete.

During the assembly of the main course, put 400g of Laila Brown Basmati Rice in a microwa veable bowl, complete with a lose fitting lid or a plate, with plenty of room left in it and rinse it until the water runs clear. Then top-up the water to 1” above the top of the rice and place the bowl in the microwave, on FULL POWER, for 5 minutes. Now put on the lid...

This will bring the liquid to a boil; now adjust the dial down to low and check occasionally, as the water evaporates and the water is just level with the rice. Then turn the dial further down to Min or Defrost and cook for 20 mins – roughly as you add the Carrots to the curry pot. When the rice “Dings” or “Beeps”, or whatever your machine does, this should coincide with curry being ready too!


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