MDH Sambhar Masala (Sambar)

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Sambhar Masala [Sambar] 

100g by MDH.

Spices for South Indian curry.


Sambhar Curry

  • wash and dress 500g vegetable like aubergine, marrow, potatoes, peas etc.
  • boil 200g toor dal in 800ml water for 40 mins, retain water.
  • soak 50g tamarind in water and extract pulp.
  • sieve and add to boiled dal.
  • separately fry 100g red onions and 100g chopped tomatoes.
  • add vegetables, 20g sambhar masala, salt and stirfry for 5 mins.
  • add boiled dal with water and simmer for 20 mins.
Ingredients: coriander, chilli red, cumin, turmeric, salt white, fenugreek seeds, mustard, chand dal, pigeon pea lentil, black pepper, fennel, cinnamon, cloves, curry leaves, nutmeg, fenugreek leaves, cardamom amomum, asafoetida, mace.
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