Dried Whole Guajillo ChilliesDried Whole Guajillo Chillies
Price: £1.39
Dried Whole Habanero ChilliesDried Whole Habanero Chillies
Price: £1.89
Dried Whole Pasilla ChilliesDried Whole Pasilla Chillies
Price: £1.49
Hickory Liquid Smoke by ColginHickory Liquid Smoke by Colgin
Price: £3.99
KTC Lime JuiceKTC Lime Juice
Price: £0.99
Agave Syrup  (Organic Golden Sweetener)Agave Syrup (Organic Golden Sweetener)
Price: £5.49
Niharti Coconut Sugar SyrupNiharti Coconut Sugar Syrup
Price: £1.99
Mexican EpazoteMexican Epazote
Price: £2.49
Mexican OreganoMexican Oregano
Price: £2.25
Mexican Style Fajita SeasoningMexican Style Fajita Seasoning
Price: £1.49
Mexican Style Taco SeasoningMexican Style Taco Seasoning
Price: £1.99
PAN Harina Blanca [White Pre-Cooked Cornmeal]PAN Harina Blanca [White Pre-Cooked Cornmeal]
Price: £2.99
Sorrel (Hibiscus Flower)Sorrel (Hibiscus Flower)
Price: £1.79
Tajin Chilli & Lime SeasoningTajin Chilli & Lime Seasoning
Price: £2.99
150ml Cholula Chipotle Hot Sauce150ml Cholula Chipotle Hot Sauce
Price: £2.49
Cholula Mexican Original Hot SauceCholula Mexican Original Hot Sauce
Price: £1.79
Large Cast Iron Skillet with Handle & Stand (Comal Griddle)Large Cast Iron Skillet with Handle & Stand (Comal Griddle)
Price: £15.59
Stainless Steel Tongs (Chimta)Stainless Steel Tongs (Chimta)
Price: £1.29

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