Mexican Iron Tortilla Press (Large)

Product Description

Mexican Iron Tortilla Dough Press

Diameter Approx 22cm at widest point.

"Hecho en Mexico" embossed on top. Makes up to 19cm tortillas [approx].

Take the chore out of rolling out breads like tortilla, chapati, puri, khakharas, rotis and other flatbreads with this handy tool.

Simply place greaseproof paper on both inner sides before placing a ball of dough on the middle of the bottom plate and then use the handle to press down the top plate. Keep pressing down to form a perfectly formed flattened dough, ready for you to cook as you wish.
  • Easy to operate, just hand press.
  • No electricity needed.
  • Easy To Carry Anywhere.
  • Easy To Clean. Made of Iron so ensure fully dry before storage.
The Asian Cookshop Tip: The dough should not be too dry as this can be harder to press. Also keep the balls of dough small, about the size of a golf ball and keep either the tray of already balled dough covered with a clean, damp cloth, or if your balling each time - keep the bowl of dough covered with a clean, damp cloth. This keeps the dough from drying out as your pressing the others.

Also make sure to use a film, like a cutout sandwich bag/greaseproof paper, under and over the dough ball before pressing, so it does not stick and remember to press down a couple or 3 times, rotating the flattened ball each time (You don't put all your force down and try to do it in one go!)

Please Note: Classic, Rustic 'Painted On' Coating: The most common, typical iron press have a painted on coating and uneven pitted surface. The paint is normally quite 'crudely' applied as the main purpose for the paint is to provide some resistance to rusting. Don't be concerned about the paint coming off in places, just rub it down. You never put dough directly on the surface and always follow tortilla making instructions. 

The rustic nature of the iron press is part of its authenticity and also makes these presses much less expensive. You can find presses with Powder Coated electrostatic applied finishes which are less likely to flake, but you will be paying anything between 2 to 3 times as much. 

Price: £27.49

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