Mr Huda’s Tandoori Marinade Paste

'Chefs Secrets' Complete Fresh Herb & Spice Mix.
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Mr Huda’s Tandoori Marinade Paste

Mr Huda’s Tandoori Marinade Paste

170g. Medium. Serves 16. Gluten Free.

‘Combination of fresh herbs and authentic spices, uncooked and naturally preserved in rapeseed oil, just the way we chefs blend in our kitchens’ - Mr Hudas,

Ingredients: Rapeseed Oil, Mustard Oil, Water, Garlic, Ginger, Coriander, Chilli, Salt, Cumin, Fenugreek, Turmeric, Mint, Other Spices, Vinegar, Lemon from Concentrate, Colours (E163, E160(c), Modified Maize Starch, Acid (Acetic, Citric, Lactic).

Important Info from Mr Hudas:

The products are oil based and cold filled. We have quality control measures in place to make sure the jars are sealed but we cannot guarantee completely leak proof. It is not uncommon for a little oil to leak during transit (as we cannot guarantee it remains upright and handled carefully).

If a little oil has leaked it will not compromise the product, you can simply top it up with a little Vegetable Oil to maintain the moisture in the product.

RECIPE: Tandoori Chicken – Serves 4

700/800g (4 pieces) skinless chicken quarters,
3tbsp Mr Huda’s Tandoori Marinade Paste,
drizzle of olive/veg oil
3 tbsp natural yoghurt,
fresh coriander (if available)

COOKING INSTRUCTIONS: Tandoori Chicken – Serves 4

Tandoori chicken: probably the most famous of Indian dishes, cooked on the bone over a very hot charcoal fire (tandoori).

Tandoori chicken dishes are often served as a starter or as part of a mixed grill. You can use skinless chicken quarters, legs or drumsticks .This particular dish has to be left to marinate for at least 1 hour or even longer. Once marinated barbecue or cook under a hot grill, on a hot griddle or in a hot oven for a clay oven-baked taste.

1st stage

  • 1. Make several deep gashes into the flesh of all the chicken pieces and place in a bowl.
  • 2. Add the required amount of Mr Huda’s Tandoori Marinade Paste, oil, yogurt and a little coriander.
  • 3. Mix well into the chicken (use disposable glove when mixing, as to prevent staining your hand) and leave to marinate in fridge.

2nd Stage:

  • 1. When cooking under a grill place on a grill pan (as to allow the moisture from the chickens to be kept separate)
  • 2. Baste the chicken with any excess marinade (reserve a little for basting throughout the cooking time).
  • 3. Preheat the oven at high heat then grill for 20-30 minutes under a hot grill or until cooked, turning and basting few times.

Once cooked garnish with coriander and then serve with salad, lemon wedges and Mr Huda’s mint yogurt dip.

TIPS: If you want authentic “charred” spots on the chicken, keep the dish under the hot grill for a few minutes longer. To make it milder or spicier simply adjust the paste & yogurt.

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