Muslin Bag [Soup/Spice Bag]

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Muslin Bag [Soup/Spice Bag]

Muslin Bag [Soup/Spice Bag]

Approx 23x27cm [Single].

These cloth fabric bags are inexpensive and an extremely handy, reusable item - a must have for any keen chef with a multitude of culinary uses. 

They can help keep stock and soups clearer, providing a cleaner taste of the ingredients and will allow you to quickly and easily take out small, whole spices and herbs from your cooking in one go. It can also be beneficial in keeping slow cooked ingredients intact, due to less direct impact during the cooking process.

This culinary bag is a good size and allows it to be well filled and still closed using the drawstring on top,  enclosing your ingredients ready for cooking. Also the larger size is beneficial as normal use requires around 1.5/2 inch of empty space before tying, to allow the ingredients to flow gently inside.

Bags should be washed in clean water or preferably boiled for 10-15 mins before first use. Then kept clean by washing or boiling again for reuse.

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