Natco Chapati Flour (White Chapatti Atta) 1.5kg

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Natco Chapati Flour (White Chapatti Atta) 1.5kg

Chapati Flour (White Chapatti Atta) 

  • Size: 1.5KG.
  • Brand: Natco.

How to Make Chapatis: To make about 8 Chapatis you need 400g of chapati flour/atta.

  • Add a tsp of Oil to the Flour and gently knead a soft, elastic dough using tepid warm water.
  • Cover the dough and allow to rest for approx 30 mins. Break off small golf ball sized pieces of dough and make into balls.
  • Roll out Chapatis ensuring the surface is floured to avoid sticking.
  • Place the Chapati on a heated Chapati tawa / tawa (Indian griddle) over a low to medium heat. Cook for a few secs then flip over to cook both sides. There will be bubbles rising on the surface of the chapati as it cooks. Again turnover to ensure even cooking.
  • Serve plain or buttered with ghee for 'butter chapati', with curry and finger food.

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GTIN: 5013531350785
Brand: natco
Condition: New