Nopalitos (Nopales) - Tender Cactus Leaves (Strips)

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Nopalitos (Nopales) Tender Cactus Leaves (Strips)

460g by Azteca

The paddle or tender pads of the cactus (also known as 'prickly pear') are eaten as a green vegetable in Mexico. The best young shoots are sliced for convenience, their use lends itself to a variety of dishes, such as traditional nopalitos salad or soup. Combined with seafood, omelette's, quiches, and casseroles, nopalitos adds a delicious and authentic Mexican flair.

Ingredients : Cactus (nopal) strips, carrot, jicama, jalapeno, garlic, aromatic herbs, water, salt, vinegar and sodium benzoate as a conservative

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Nopalitos (Nopales) - Tender Cactus Leaves (Strips) | Buy Online at the Asian Cook Shop

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