Pad Thai Noodles [Thick 10mm Flat Rice Stick] [Banh Pho]

Product Description

Pad Thai Noodles

400g. Broader Flat Rice Noodle [10mm] used in many dishes including the Thai Classic 'Pad Thai'. Also popular in Vietnamese cooking known as 'Banh Pho', it is used in the dish 'Pho'..

Cooking Instructions:

  • place rice sticks in a pan of boiling water,
  • cook for 5 mins,
  • transfer cooked rice sticks into a bowl of cold water for 5 seconds
  • drain rice sticks in a colander.
  • rice sticks are now ready to eat, serve with all stirfry food, soups and cold salads.
Ingredients: rice, water.

[Brand may vary].

Price: £1.99
Pad Thai Noodles [10 mm Rick Sticks, Banh Pho] | Buy Online at the Asian Cookshop

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