Pickled Daikon [Whole Preserved Radish] [Sushi Takuan]

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Pickled Daikon [Preserved Radish]

250g by HR.

Daikon is a popular Japanese radish, this has been preserved in two whole pieces and coloured traditionally yellow. Also known as Takuan Zuke or Fakuan Tsuke.

Preserved Daikon should be washed before use, then sliced thinly and eaten as a side dish, snack or condiment or used as a cooking ingredient and garnish.

For sushi, cut into thin strips and use in sushi rolls or for decoration.

Ready to eat.

Ingredients: radish, salt, flavour enhancer e621, colour e102, preservatives e202.

Price: £1.79
Pickled Daikon [Preserved Radish] [Sushi Takuan] | Buy Online at the Asian Cookshop

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