Pickled Garlic by Bodrum

Perfect for the latest TikTok trend 'Spicy Pickled Garlic' Recipe!
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Pickled Garlic by Bodrum

Pickled Garlic 

370g by Bodrum.

Perfect for the TikTok trend Spicy Pickled Garlic! We also have Sriracha, Korean Chilli Flakes & Thyme available. 

Pickled Garlic is also known as ''Sarimsak Tursu'. Great as a snack or in salads and cooking. 

These Pickled Garlic can be drained and then used in salads or why not try adding a Korean twist. Drain and add Gochugaru chilli flakes and Sriracha hot sauce for a spicy, crunchy garlic snack.

Ingredients: garlic, water, salt, citric acid.

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