Puttu Flour (White)

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Puttu Flour (White)

Puttu Flour (White)

1kg by Indu Sri.

Product of India,

Commonly used for the favourite 'Puttu' or 'Pittu'.

Puttu is a popular south Indian and Keralan food, popular as a snack or for breakfast and eaten with sauces, sambals, papads and curry as well as other foods.

Puttu is a 'steamed cake' as such, and the flour is usually combined with grated coconut and salt or sugar to taste. A little water is added to get the texture of the mixture just right [not runny but a dry consistency that will hold its shape once pressed in your palm]. In a bowl, pour in the puttu flour, salt and add in some grated fresh coconut, fold mixture and rub mix gently with your fingertips, so you get a texture like breadcrumbs.

Then, depending on what utensils you have - get ready to steam the puttu. Whatever is used, the general method is boiling water to get steam, placing your utensil holding puttu mix over the steam to cook. Easy. Just ensure steam passes through the mix to cook it and out [not closed off fully with a lid]. It usually only takes 5-10 mins to cook depending on the method/utensils used.

Cooking is traditionally done in a puttu maker giving a cylindrical shape puttu, but they can be steamed in idli makers or improvised with what you have, so long as they are steamed. Puttu have been made with bamboo steamers and have even been made with a deep, wide mouthed saucepan, colander with muslin cloth or a steam tray. Cooking rings/moulds can be used that will hold the puttu's shape during steaming.

Traditionally Puttu is layered with grated coconut, puttu mix, grated coconut and so on, but you will need a deep mould. Alternatively you can mix in grated coconut as desired with the flour [as described earlier] and steam shallower puttus in your improvised 'puttu maker'.

Serve hot as desired and most of all - Enjoy.

Ingredients: 100% rice.

Product of Sri Lanka.

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