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Create Rick Stein's great tasting recipes in your own kitchen.
All the Ingredients, Grocery & Cookware you need for the authentic recipes listed in his new book 'RICK STEIN THE ROAD TO MEXICO' & showcased in the accompanying BBC TV show.

To make things easier we have grouped together the more commonly used items from the book here, but we do stock alot more! So if you can't find what you require, please try another category or run a search [search box is above right]. - the asian cookshop.


Iron Comal Pan (Round Griddle Plate)Iron Comal Pan (Round Griddle Plate)
Price: £9.99
Black Melamine Tortilla Warmer (Server)Black Melamine Tortilla Warmer (Server)
Price: £9.75
Iron Tortilla & Chapati Press (Roti/Puri/Dough Press)Iron Tortilla & Chapati Press (Roti/Puri/Dough Press)
Price: £13.99
Large Heavy Pestle & Mortar [20cm]Large Heavy Pestle & Mortar [20cm]
Price: £24.99
Tongs (Stainless Steel)Tongs (Stainless Steel)
Price: £1.49
Lime/Lemon Squeezer [Single]Lime/Lemon Squeezer [Single]
Price: £0.85
COOKING SET | The Authentic Mexican Cooking SetCOOKING SET | The Authentic Mexican Cooking Set
Price: £39.99
The Road To Mexico by Rick SteinThe Road To Mexico by Rick Stein
Price: £19.99
Achiote Paste (Annatto) 100gAchiote Paste (Annatto) 100g
Price: £1.89
Anaheim Chillies (Dried 'New Mexican Chilli')Anaheim Chillies (Dried 'New Mexican Chilli')
Price: £0.99
Annatto Powder [Achuete] [Achiote]Annatto Powder [Achuete] [Achiote]
Price: £0.65
Annatto Seeds (Achiote)Annatto Seeds (Achiote)
Price: £0.89
Carey Nacho Jalapeno SlicesCarey Nacho Jalapeno Slices
Price: £1.59
Chipotle Chilli Cooking Paste (Hot & Smoky)Chipotle Chilli Cooking Paste (Hot & Smoky)
Price: £2.19
Guacamole Style Topping (with Lime & Jalapenos)Guacamole Style Topping (with Lime & Jalapenos)
Price: £2.49
Refried Beans by Santa MariaRefried Beans by Santa Maria
Price: £1.95
Clemente Jacques Whole Jalapeno ChilliesClemente Jacques Whole Jalapeno Chillies
Price: £1.69
Corn Husks (For Tamales, Dried)Corn Husks (For Tamales, Dried)
Price: £2.69
Cypressa Green Jalapeno Peppers [Sliced]Cypressa Green Jalapeno Peppers [Sliced]
Price: £2.49
Dried Black Beans (Black Turtle Beans) by TSUNDried Black Beans (Black Turtle Beans) by TSUN
Price: £1.49

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