Sandal Face Pack (Hesh Ayurveda)

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Hesh Sandal Face Pack (Hesh Ayurveda)

Hesh Sandal Face Pack is an excellent face pack for normal and dry skin. Safe to all types of skin. This has the goodness of sandalwood, rose petal, orange peel etc, naturay cleanses the skin and enhances beauty making the skin glow in complexion while maintaining its natural moisture.

You will see noticeably softer and more radiant skin from the first application. The paste draws heat from the face and so gives a cooling effect. It is very good for skin with acne, whitehead, blackhead.

Hesh Sandal advantages: natural cleanser for the skin, gives cooling effect, adds a glow to the complexion. Pure natural and safe.

Ingredients: sandalwood powder, multani mati, rose petal powder, manjishta, orange peel powder, kumari, perfume.

Usage: clean the face and neck area thoroughly, Take required amount of powder, add a little water and make into a thin paste. Apply on face, keep it for 20 mins or till dry. Wash thoroughly with warm water and rinse with cold.water.

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