Shikakai Powder [Hesh Ayurveda]

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Shikakai Powder (Hesh Ayurveda)

100g. Shikakai Powder - Gift of nature dirt buster for your scalp. Acts as an astringent enhancing its binding properties. Clears dandruff and cleans dirt accumulating on scalp. Anatural conditioner for hair. hikakai strangthens roots and promotes growth. It has certain properties that act as a coolant for the scalp.


- provides new life to hair strands

- strengthens roots

- clears dandruff

- keeps scalp clean and cool

Ingedients: shikakai

How to use: Take required amount of powder, add a little water and make into a thick paste. Gently massage into hair and scalp, rotating finger tips. Wait for 2/5mins then wash thoroughly with water.

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