Singapore Coconut Rice [Nasi Lemak] | AHG

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Singapore Coconut Rice [Nasi Lemak] | AHG

Singapore Coconut Rice

50g by AHG. Serves 5, Gluten Free

Authentic Spice Paste made from fresh herbs and spices. No added MSG, Preservatives or artificial colours.

Nasi Lemak, steamed coconut rice is a traditional malay rice dish that is popular in singapore. The fragrant rice is cooked in rich coconut milk and usually eaten with chicken, ikan bilis [anchovies], egg, pickled vegetables and a dollop of spicy sambal chilli.

Singapore Coconut Rice.

Ingredients required:
1 pack singapore coconut rice paste
500g uncooked rice
670ml water
1 tbsp vegetable oil
sliced cucumber and sambal chilli as garnish [optional]

Step 1] mix rice, spice mix, water and oil in a saucepan.
Step 2] bring to boil and stir once, reduce heat, cover and cook for 20mins or until cooked.
Step 3] leave to stand for 5 mins, stir to mix, garnish and serve hot with cooked eggs, fish or chicken.

Ingredients: coconut cream powder [coconut, water, glucose syrup, emulsifier [mono and diglyceride of fatty acids], buffering agent [dipotassium phosphate] anti caking agent [silicon dioxide] maltodextrin, salt, soybean oil, thickening agent [carageenan] anti caking [tricalcium phosphate]

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